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Welcome to OMG!

OMG is an exclusive virtual gathering of Domestic Goddesses. We do not judge (because we’ve probably been there). We understand that venting and expressing our weaker moments does NOT make us bad mothers—rather validates our ability to be a strong parent.

We encourage all mothers to put themselves first now and again, enjoy a big glass of wine and laugh out loud!

There are LOTS of exciting happenings in the OMG Wine world and I can’t wait to share them with you.  I mean, literally share them with you!  OMG Wine has partnered with world class companies to bring my subscribers experiences that range from simple chic to sinfully decadent,  so you can take some time for yourself and celebrate a little bit (or a lot-a-bit!).  Subscribers receive exclusive offers and very special pricing on all things fabulous that our partners offer.  Award winning wines, limo wine tours, yacht cruises, international wine excursions, private tastings, intimate pairing parties….. these are just a few of my favorite things!  Visit my Blog to follow the latest and greatest and be apart of the dialog!


Christine Trice
Creator & Chief Brand Ambassador

Three Pioneer Women Walk Into A Bar

Posted on 01/21/13 3:25 PM    |    0 comment(s)

All heads turn when we walk in (because we were just that hot) & I throw my arms up & ask, “What’s a pilgrim gotta to do get a drink around here?!” Insert hysterical laughter & 30 minutes of gabbing with construction workers at the bar. And a well deserved ice cold beer.

It’s Highly Likelii(.com)

Posted on 12/9/12 10:36 PM    |    0 comment(s)

I recently met the masterminds behind the super cool wine recommendation engine They’re everyday wine drinkers like we are and they wanted to help consumers demystify the wine buying process (can I get an “Amen!”). I tried out their search engine (think Pandora for wine). I plugged in three of my favorite wines (or you can simply type in “red” or “white”) and it populated three new wines for me to try.

Spooky Shit My Kid Does

Posted on 10/31/12 12:31 PM    |    1 comment(s)

She turns around & looks at me with this creepy, straight face and says in a very subdued tone, “Sorry, Mommy. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Then she slowly & calmly walks off to my bathroom. OK, this was becoming reminiscent of a bad horror flick. Should I sleep with one eye open? How long is she breathing over me before I actually wake up? Is she even awake & aware of what’s going on?

Make History One “Clink” At A Time

Posted on 10/1/12 11:27 AM    |    0 comment(s)

Continuing the Olympic spirit of bringing home more gold than China, five predominant organizations in St Helena have partnered to bring together the wine loving public and wineries alike to match and set a new world record for the longest relay wine toast while raising funds for scholarships.

Women’s Emotional Health & The Ricki Lake Show

Posted on 04/30/12 11:32 AM    |    2 comment(s)

Ricki Lake Magazine just launched online and yours truly is a going to be a contributing writer (insert cartwheel) and I’d love to represent your voices! My first assignment focuses on Women’s Emotional Health: burning the wick at both ends. Many of us are in the “sandwich generation” where we’re taking care of our kids, our parents and seldom ourselves.

My name is Christine and I’m the mother of a teenage girl.

Posted on 04/6/12 7:17 PM    |    0 comment(s)

It’s official. At 2:47pm today, the last 13 years of my life flashed before my eyes as my once baby girl morphed into a teenager.