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Olive the Movie

Posted on January 6, 2012    |    1 comment(s)

What do you get when you combine a smartphone, a meaningful message and a brilliant song?   You get Olive the Movie.  Olive is the first feature film to be shot entirely with a smartphone and has already had two limited runs in L.A with great success.  Its theme song Imaginary Friends is on the short-list for an Academy Award.

I had the unique privilege of receiving a copy of the movie from Hooman Khalili (one of the movie creators) this week & watched it with my hubby & 7th grade daughter.  Simply put, I loved it.  With the exception of one scene that was briefly violent (a bullying/fight scene which was necessary to deliver a lesson of discrimination), I liked that I could watch the movie as a family.   I was able to personally connect with Olive’s theme and really enjoyed how all the character stories had their own purpose yet shared a connection at the same time.

Olive is about a little girl who transforms the lives of three people without speaking an entire word.  Even though the child does not speak, she communicates in a unique way that is heard loud & clear.  The dialogue in the movie is compelling & effectively delivers a strong message.  Prejudice, obesity, Alzheimer’s and nature are the center of the movie’s message and relate to many of us in our daily lives.

Starring two time Oscar nominated actress Gena Rowlands (The Notebook, A Woman Under the Influence),  Olive is making history by being the first full length feature film to qualify for an Academy Award!  But you can’t run out to the movies with the kiddos to watch it just yet as this indie operation has distribution deals still in the works.  We will wait…EAGERLY!!  In the meantime, you can watch the first five minutes of Olive, like them on Facebook then share with all your friends to help Olive on its way to reaching Oscar stardom and mainstream distribution!

For those of you in Sacramento, I will be hosting a private viewing party for a few friends and OMG wine fans.  Be sure you “like” the OMG fanpage and the Olive the Movie fanpage so you can receive an invitation!  Only fans who share Olive with their friends are eligible for the private viewing inviation.  More deets to come.  Until then, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Imaginary Friends by Ben Lear:


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