A few words to describe myself Christine enjoying wine on her patio

Saucy, witty, proactive, stubborn, optimistic, passionate, activist, goofy, bad ass, compassionate, animal lover, loyal friend, great parent to my kids on better days who can MacGyver my way out of any sticky situation.  All I need is a pantyliner & bottled water.

No, I don’t rock the frock & pearls while cleaning the house as often as my creepy neighbor would prefer.

I’m a forty-something urban single mom of two strong willed & very intelligent daughters, reconnecting with myself post divorce .  I’ve lived in Northern California pretty much my entire life.  At the risk of this sounding like an online dating ad, I love SUP, yoga, wine, quiet moments with(out) my children, wine, sarcasm, wine with girlfriends & date night (to mention a few).  I’m snarky, I dislike mean people & their attitudes & don’t do well with people who can’t laugh at themselves… because it’s inevitable that at some point I will be laughing at them, too!

After many years of plugging away and too many grey hairs to count, I recently rebranded my organic body care company, Brown Bag Botanicals and I’m relaunching this winter. This has been a labor of love and also necessity, as I created my products based on a need for my first daughter. I’ll leave you hanging there. My new site launches Dec 1st and you can read the entire story and share your own stories!

I’m a give-back junkie.  I volunteer for American Brittany Rescue and I’m literally up to my ears in fur kids. I sit on a few committees and I always seem to be neck deep in charity projects, but it feeds my soul.  I truly believe that any and all of us are capable of helping at least one other person in a day.  If my children were to learn just that one lesson, I know that I’ve done a good job.

OMG I So Need A Glass of Wine was birthed from a true “mommy moment”. I was doing a bit of freelancing for a local parenting mag and the publisher and I were doing a final press check over the phone to accommodate both our crazy schedules. It was holiday break and the kids were beyond restless. Insert screaming kids in background WWF style girl fighting. Now insert uncorking of nearest bottle of wine. Voila! I suddenly had an epiphany to create a platform where other moms (& dads for that matter) could come together & talk about the real day to day of parenting without worrying about judgment.  We’ve all been there! Now let’s keep it real. In the end we feel better about ourselves & that reflects in our parenting.

I love wine.  And I believe drinking a glass of wine should be an event, whether it’s a quiet moment solo in your living room or a simple gathering with your BFFs.  Wine should be celebrated as we should celebrate who we are and all that we do as women and as parents. We shouldn’t be intimated when choosing a wine. Wine isn’t meant to be complicated.  In my opinion a good wine will pair well with left over spaghetti any day of the week.